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About US

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About US

Linyi Hangze Wood Industry Co., Ltd is located in Linyi City, the largest sheet board production base in the country.Our factory mainly produces plywood, MDF and particleboard.

We have three factories,and an international trading company.We have been engaged in plate trade since 2003 and have more than ten years of professional experience.The two old factories are close to the Beijing-Shanghai and Ridong Expressways, and the 327 National Road passes through the north, so the transportation is very convenient. The new factory is close to Shandong Expressway, and both railway and sea transportation have advantages.

All our factories are located in Linyi City, with more than 60 different board production machines, our main products are furniture board, construction plywood, MDF and particle board, with an annual output of 60,000 cubic meters. The factory has 200 employees and 9,000 square meters of office buildings and staff quarters.

"Development by quality, development by reputation" is our business philosophy.

Always pay attention to product quality, strictly fulfill orders, and win reputation at home and abroad. We also have a professional whole-house custom design team and construction engineers to provide us with technical support. It has been rated as an advanced enterprise by the Lanshan District Government for 6 consecutive years, and sincerely hopes to cooperate with us to create a better future with domestic and foreign customers.

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